Our Promise to You

Our full range of appliances is custom built to your design specifications, whether that be a simple removable appliance or a sleep apnoea solution, our technicians are fully capable of accommodating your appliance needs.

With an appliance from Aigburth Dental you can be sure that:

  • It will be of the highest quality and checked throughout each stage of the process.
  • It will be constructed by a qualified Dental Technician with years of experience.
  • It will be finished to our high standards and only be sent out when it has passed our quality assurance checks.

Orthodontics and  Prosthetics  are the core of our business; there is probably not a single type of appliance we have not made over the last 20 plus years, along with many prototypes and ‘one-offs’.

We buck the trend totally when it comes to our production methods, unlike most commercial labs. We still employ technicians who qualified at specialist dental colleges and take responsibility for the whole appliance, putting their name to it as a matter of pride.

Anything we do can be tailored to your particular style or taste, we will work to enhance the procedures already in place at your practice.

Advanced Dentistry

We have many years experience in producing high standards in Dental Appliances.

High Quality Materials

All our dentures and Orthodontic appliances are produced using only high quality acrylics.

Competitive Prices

Not only will our dentures bring a smile to your face, but so will our competitive prices.

Trust Us

We are a DAMAS approved and British Kite mark registered dental laboratory based in the Liverpool.

Contact us for prices and complimentary gift after your first job!

Welcome to Aigburth Dental Laboratory

Aigburth Dental was established in 1992 and is a family business based in Liverpool, UK. We have over twenty years’ experience in Removable Prosthetics and orthodontics and are expanding into the digital era. At Aigburth, our ethos is in building a friendly and reliable environment which intern provides quality appliances to clients up and down the whole of the UK. Our fully qualified and registered dental technicians provide a dental laboratory service, where customer satisfaction remains paramount and at the centre of our philosophy. We believe that communication between Dentist and Technician is an integral part of providing the highest quality of standards and service.

Dental Repair Services

We do most denture repairs in an hour; there will be a charge for this. Unfortunately we do not currently accept card payment.

  • If your denture is broken, please keep all the pieces possible.
  • Do NOT use super glue, it is nearly always impossible to repair a denture that has been super-glued.
  • Please clean the denture as much as possible before coming.

If you have lost a tooth, on your full denture we will do our utmost to match the existing teeth.

  • If you have a partial denture and the missing tooth is next to a natural tooth, it will be necessary for you to have an impression taken, with the denture in your mouth, by YOUR DENTIST.  If the tooth that is lost is between two teeth on your denture it will be possible to add a new one without the need for an impression.

Either call in with your denture, following the directions or if you prefer to call us first, – our phone number is 0151 4273785, we will be more than happy to help.