We offer a comprehensive range of orthodontic appliances, all fully custom-made to fully satisfy your individual treatment plan. From functionals to fixed, removable to retention, you can be sure our attention to detail and wealth of experience will provide you with the appliances you need for timely, accurate and aesthetic results.

Aigburth Star Aligners

We are now offering our own digitally produced aligner system. The AS Aligner is effective, highly accurate and extremely competitively priced – suitable for everything from minor to moderate malocclusion, and relapse cases. Our trained technicians produce a digital treatment plan (to your specifications), and a series of custom made clear aligners manufactured on 3D printed models.

PAR Scoring

Our qualified and calibrated technician provides an independent PAR scoring service using either plaster or digital study models. This can be undertaken in house.


We take particular pride in the quality and accuracy of our functional appliance, all of which are manufactured in an extremely durable heat cure acrylic. We offer a full range of functional appliances, including twin blocks, MOA’s all of which can be customised in accordance with your personal preferences and individual treatment plan.

Removable Appliances

Our removable appliances are tailor-made to suit your individual requirements. We offer a full range of wire components, screws and acrylic work in order for you to plan, maintain and complete your patient requirements as efficiently as possible. We offer a simple fixed price service with regards to wire and acrylic components, and an inclusive range of conventional and specialist screws are available for an additional charge. We also offer a wide variety of coloured acrylics.

We also manufacture clear aligners; single or multi-stage. Our custom-made aligners are designed to correct mild to moderate malocclusion. These highly aesthetic appliances are tailor-made according to your requirements; you choose the number of appliances needed, and the associated tooth movements.


We manufacture a wide range of retention devices, including Hawley retainers, Essix (suck down) retainers, and bonded retainers (twist flex), allowing you to select the most appropriate method for your patient. As with all of our appliances, retainers can be fully customised in accordance with your individual treatment plans. We offer a variety of different materials, including thicker Essix plastics, and different bonded retention wire.

Fixed Appliances

We manufacture a wide range of fixed appliances, including quadrohelix, palatal and lingual arches, and bonded retainers (twistflex). All appliances can be fully customised, including the addition of acrylic components as required, or the incorporation of existing fixed work. Our bonded retainers are particularly popular, offering exceptional fit and accuracy. We offer several different materials, but will happily use your preferred brand.