Acrylic Dentures

Conventional dentures will be individually handcrafted to patients satisfaction. Care is taken for facial support, especially around patient’s mouth, lips and cheeks. Dentures can make sagging facial muscles appear more taught and sunken features appear fuller. We offer NHS and Private ranges of dentures for you to choose from to suit your needs.

Partial Acrylic Dentures

We like to work closely with the clinician and to listen and understand all of your needs and concerns for patient’s treatment. Back teeth are just as important as the front ones and no matter where the missing tooth is situated in the mouth, it is necessary to replace it in order to maintain good oral health. Partial dentures can help prevent further damage to any existing teeth and restore patient’s natural smile.

Chrome Dentures

A cobalt chrome denture is metal denture which is strong and less likely to fracture as they are not as fragile as acrylic dentures. In some cases an upper denture can be designed not to cover the roof of the mouth (palate) as they would in an acrylic denture and therefore can allow the patient to enjoy the flavours of their food and communicate as normal, without denture bulk impending these functions.

Valplast Flexible

Valplast Partials offer improved appearance, comfort and durability compared to traditional Metal dentures. They are made from an unbreakable nylon resin and each Valplast denture. Valplasts are virtually invisible as there are no metal clasps visible and the material blends in with the tissue in the mouth so that the only thing that shows is the patients smile.